YouTube promotion

Bounty task: Create and publish video review of our program

Bounty reward: from 1$ to 100$

Your review must contain detailed information about "" marketing program, demonstration of your personal account and example of buy or sell request..

Promotion conditions:

1: You should have an account.

2:Your review must be opened to public of your channel whole life time of our program.

3:We accept only hight-quality video and conference with your voice and good preparation.

4:Your channel must have more that 100 subscribers and your video must have more that 100 views.

5:Bounty amount depends on quality, views amount and popularity of your channel. More potential partners will see your review - higher reward you get.

6:We do not work with channels with fake audience (this is easy to check).

7:Your bounty reward will be added on your balance in 12-24 hours after our manager check your request.

Note: For getting your Bounty send your video link ,User Name and details to this E-mail -